The Safari Photography experience.


Sometimes in life, something comes along which is so special and unique it reminds us the world is still a place of awe, beauty and wonder. This is the feeling of being in the presence of the Big Five: the lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo. These are the memories that you would want to keep alive in the images that you take during your photography safari at Thanda Safari. A celebrated Big Five private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Thanda Safari offers a wildlife photography experience for all levels, led by its highly accomplished resident wildlife photographer and specialist photography guide, Christian Sperka, whose photos have been widely published. Whether you are taking photographs with your smartphone or digital camera, Thanda Safari offers a complimentary photography lesson to teach you about the art of catching the perfect wildlife moment. You’ll learn the rules of wildlife photography and the art of bush photography and motion photography. You’ll experience the incredible light just after the sun rises and just before the sun sets, known as the “golden hour”. It is a beautiful, glowing, golden light; perfect for wildlife photography. For those of you who prefer a dedicated photographic safari solely for yourself or your group, Christian has customised his game drive vehicle, called the Green Mamba, specifically for this. It’s an additional cost and needs to be booked in advance. Also at an additional cost, Thanda Safari offers your own private bush photo shoot if you would like this. Whether you are getting married, are on honeymoon or on safari with your friends, Christian will take professional portraits of you, which will forever remind you of this special time.

Photography and wildlife.

Thanda Safari is a magnificent Big Five private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where you can experience a wildlife photography safari that will not only help you to create memories of a lifetime, it will help you to read and understand animal behaviour – an essential skill for wildlife photography.

Specialist photography guide.

Thanda Safari wants its guests to have the absolute best African safari photography experience and therefore has a resident wildlife photographer and specialist photography guide, Christian Sperka, to assist you as a complimentary gift during your stay. Christian’s photos are widely published and he has led many safari photography tours. Whether you are using your digital camera or smartphone, he will show you how to take outstanding wildlife photos, and you’ll learn the art of motion photography.

Special game-viewing vehicle.

Taking pictures of a lion at rest or an elephant standing is far easier than capturing an animal on the move or during a hunt. That’s when you need the skill to anticipate what is happening and capture the tension and motion that brings photography alive.

For those who want a dedicated wildlife photography safari, a special game-viewing vehicle customised for photographic safaris can be hired. Called the Green Mamba it is a separate bookable item that can seat up to five guests (a regular safari vehicle has nine guest seats. Christian and tracker, Bheki Ngubane, who is also a bird specialist, lead this photography safari.

Bush walk photography.

Another option is to take photos during a two-to-three-hour guided bush walk for an up-close experience of the extraordinary diversity of animals, birds, plants and insects. You’ll learn to identify the ‘spoor’ or tracks of different animals and how to move silently through the wilderness.

One of the most difficult techniques to master in wildlife photography is birds in flight. It requires huge patience and prolonged readiness. Christian always advises that if you are a keen birder or bird photographer, it’s best to try and be part of a group of birders as they know the patience that birding requires.

Private bush photo shoot.

Also available during your time with Thanda Safari is your own private bush photo shoot, if you so desire. Whether it’s for a special occasion or you simply want a special reminder of your safari, Christian can be commissioned to take professional portraits of you and your group in the wild, which will forever remind you of this unforgettable time.