A unique luxury stay for any island lover.


From above you see a teardrop of sand in a turquoise sea; a secret island with a private, exclusive-use luxury Villa personifying beach house romance, nostalgia and elegance.

Designed for a perfect summer in coastal whites, greens and blues, it is a discreet, sumptuous retreat with an expansive living area, including an indoor aquarium, magnificent wine collection, an air-conditioned gym, library and a glass rim-flow swimming pool and wraparound dining area with a 180-degree view of the ocean.

The Villa offers sublime living and sleeping areas, with all five air-conditioned suites leading directly onto the pool and outdoor living areas, surrounded by turquoise seas and silken white sands. The two traditional Tanzanian bandas (beach chalets) are furnished with beautiful, locally hand-carved furniture and fabrics from Mafia Island, in soft, natural colours.

Romantic touches during your island adventure include copper beach baths and dinners under the stars. Dining on Thanda Island is a taste adventure of delectable cuisine. Our Executive Chef contacts you ahead of your visit to discuss your menu and requirements. Adding to the island atmosphere is an outdoor BBQ, cocktail bar and pizza oven.

Thanda Island’s dedicated team, including the manager, executive chef, hostesses and butlers, housekeepers, guides and spa therapists take care of your every need. It is a home away from home, with all the comforts, amenities (including WIFI and mobile phone reception), facilities and adventures.

Staying at our private island

Booking is wonderfully easy, you simply call the Thanda Island team on +27 32 586 0149 or email reservations@thandaisland.com and they’ll sort it all out for you and respond to all your questions and requirements. To get to Thanda Island, you fly directly to Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where the Thanda Island team meets you and accompanies you through customs, ensuring a smooth, quick entry into this beautiful country. You are then escorted by boat or helicopter to Thanda Island which is situated 33 kilometres east of the Tanzanian coast. On arrival, it instantly becomes your Indian Ocean beach home and exclusive use private island accommodation. As you step off the boat or helicopter, the Villa is right there, with its paradise-inspired living area and five exquisite bedroom suites that lead directly onto the beach.

What makes Thanda Island unique?

When you first set eyes on Thanda Island’s single-key Villa for your exclusive use, you know you will have the most beautiful, natural and luxurious time here, under East African skies. The Villa offers sublime living and sleeping areas leading directly onto the pool and outdoor living area, surrounded by turquoise seas and silken white sands. You have a choice of thrilling water adventures, excursions and activities, while at the same time Thanda Island immerses you in pure, natural pleasures… strolling along your own private 1100 metre beach, dining on ocean-fresh seafood or exploring the 5-hectare island where the only sign of human habitation is the occasional, traditional fishing dhow in the distance. On Thanda Island you infuse your being with the warmth of the sunshine, the glitter on the water and the pristine beauty. Swim with the gentle whale shark; dive in the largest marine protected reserve in the Indian Ocean; ride the trade winds on a traditional Arab dhow; indulge in a Swahili or Arabian feast; have a massage or copper bath on the beach. This is just a taste of what makes Thanda Island unique.

How much does it cost to book a private island?

The world’s smaller leading private island villas are in the US$40,000+ range. Thanda Island charges from US$33,300 per night for a minimum five-night stay, during which you have the single-key luxury Villa and island exclusively to yourself. The Villa has five exquisite suites that open directly onto the beach, accommodating ten adults with additional beds available for children. On the island are also two traditional open-air Tanzanian bandas (beach chalets) for your exclusive use. The entire Thanda Island is your home away from home, with an incredible choice of amenities and adventures included in the price. Taking care of you is Thanda Island’s discrete and dedicated team: the on-site manager and executive chef, hostesses, butlers, housekeepers, guides, and spa therapists.

What amenities would you expect at Thanda Island?

You have exclusive use of Thanda Island and the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve surrounding it, with a superb range of activities, adventures, facilities and features. Most of these are included in the rate, others are an optional extra. Please refer to the Rates Sheet for Inclusions and Exclusions. A superb choice of water and marine activities are included, with a boathouse full of equipment for you to enjoy. A boatman is dedicated to you as your personal guide. Our 36-foot adventure yacht Sazi, as well as our 28-foot deep-sea fishing cat, Real Magic, are both at your disposal, commandeered by our trusted captain, and ably assisted by our Thanda Island crew. Snorkelling is included and we have a resident snorkelling guide on Thanda Island who can take you on various snorkelling adventures around our Island. The dive sites around Mafia Island are widely regarded as having the most spectacular reefs for diving and snorkelling in sub-Saharan Africa. We also offer a range of excursions that are an additional charge, and include, amongst others, exploring the spice island of Zanzibar, experiencing the gorillas in nearby Rwanda, and going on safari in the Serengeti.

How our accommodations are luxurious

Luxurious accommodations, by definition, offer a sumptuous, unique place to stay with the best of everything – from the standard of accommodation to the exquisite environment to the food, amenities, activities and level of service. Thanda Island is one of the world’s most unique luxurious accommodation offerings, confirmed by the World Travel Awards which repeatedly vote Thanda Island as the World’s Leading Exclusive Private Island. Thanda Island offers a single-key, exclusive use luxury villa experience on a private island within a protected marine reserve. It is a place of astonishing natural beauty and consummate luxury, with everything you could dream of during your stay, and absolute privacy assured.

The Villa.


When you first set eyes on the Villa, you know you will have the most beautiful time. This luxury villa accommodation surrounds you in coastal whites, greens, and blues for a perfect East African summer, with sublime living and sleeping areas leading directly onto the outdoor pool and living area, surrounded by turquoise seas and silken white sands.

Tanzanian Bandas.


Thanda Island also features two traditional air-conditioned Tanzanian Bandas, making the island a nine-bedroom destination entirely for you. Each Banda has an en-suite master bedroom on the ground floor and two single beds with an en-suite bathroom on the first floor. Each story of the Bandas is 72 square meters with intelligent use of the space to maximize the indoor-outdoor flow. Beautiful, locally hand-carved furniture and fabrics from Mafia Island in soft, natural colours enhance the stylish, authentic feel.

“Possibly the world’s most beautiful private island”