Travel tips.


How do you get to Thanda Island?

International guests fly to Dar es Salaam. From Dar es Salaam airport guests can fly with Thanda Island’s private helicopter (approximately 35 mins flying time) directly to Thanda Island. Alternatively, guests can fly with a fixed-wing plane to Mafia Island (30 mins flying time) and then transfer by Thanda Island private vessel to Thanda Island (60 mins boat transfer).

What is the weather like on Thanda Island?

Thanda Island offers beautiful, warm, tropical weather. Rain showers are mostly short, followed by sunshine, bringing a wonderful renewal and freshness to the environment.

Here is a short weather guide for you:

  • June to October: Beautiful weather; it’s hot and humid with short rain showers and plenty of sunshine. The perfect season to spend at a luxury, private resort.
  • July to mid-September: This is the time of the south-easterly Kusi trade winds.
  • November: The weather is mostly good with short rain showers (known as ‘vuli’).
  • December to March: Beautiful weather with short rain showers and the north-easterly Kaskazi trade winds.
  • April to May: An increase in rainfall with many sunny days between the rains.

Temperatures are wonderfully warm, rather than exessively hot, even though Thanda Island is in the tropics. The temperature ranges from 27 to 31°C. The water temperature ranges from 27 to 29°C.

Thanda Island has a tropical climate with approximately 1,800mm of rain each year, divided into two specific rain seasons: the “long” rains in late April to May and the “short” rains in November.

Thanda Island lies across the trade winds and experiences the northeast (Kaskazi) and southeast (Kusi) trade wind seasons. The Kaskazi usually starts at the end of November and lasts into February. The Kusi is from early July through to mid-September.

What is the best time of the year to visit Tanzania?

All year round except April and May due to long rains. More travel advice

What is the best currency to take to Tanzania?
The official currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling. However, all major currencies are accepted.
Is Mafia Island a safe place to visit?

Yes. Here is travel advice on the Mafia Island and Madagascar

What is the check-in and check-out time?
We don’t have fixed check-in /out times as this changes depending on the season and booking requirements.
Can we book a specific room?
No, Thanda Island is available on an exclusive use basis, which means that the booking is valid for the entire island and not just accommodation.
Is a PRC Test required for Tanzania?
No, this is no longer a requirement.
What is the child policy at Thanda Island?
Children of all ages are welcome. Our youngest guest was 6 months old.
What is the time zone?

GMT +3

What language do the locals speak on Mafia Island?


Do you organise anything special for honeymooners?

Yes we do. Each holiday on Thanda Island is fully bespoke, and we create itineraries and experiences based on the guest’s preferences.

Is there Wifi at the resort?


Is the water safe to drink?

We have our own desalination plant which allows for our water to be safe to drink. However, out of precaution, we always advise our guests to drink the bottled water that we provide on the island.

Are there mosquitos on the island?

No, the island is in a low-risk area for malaria. The island is also fumigated.

Are there mosquito nets in the rooms?


Is there a dress code on Thanda Island?


Does Thanda Island cater for special dietary requests?

Yes. Guests are encouraged to fill in the preference form prior to arrival so that our Chef and his team can prepare a menu ahead of guests’ arrival.

What is the mobile phone coverage like at the resort?


What kind of electrical sockets do you have in the room?

UK 220V

Does the resort offer babysitting services?

Yes, babysitting services can be arranged upon request.

Are there medical facilities at the resort?

Not on the island. The island has an extensive medical kit with EpiPens, AED, painkillers, general antibiotics, and our entire team has been trained in first aid. The island has an on call emergency doctor and medivac in place.

Is there a fitness centre at the resort?

Yes, a fully equipped gym is available on the island. Apart from the gym, the island also has a boathouse with water sports equipment that is available to guests. Water sports instructors are also available on the island to provide assistance and training when required.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard as well as American Express are all accepted.

“My Thanda Island stay was perfect in every way. The accommodations, views and staff were over the top.“