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A 14 000-hectare Big Five private game reserve, a teardrop of land in a turquoise sea off the coast of Tanzania; and a 115ft
(35m) classic super yacht cruising the Mediterranean – this is Thanda.

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A 14 000-hectare Big Five private game reserve in South Africa, a teardrop of land in a turquoise sea off the coast of Tanzania; and a 115ft (35m) classic super yacht cruising the Mediterranean – this is Thanda.

Thanda’s luxury holiday destinations are a collaboration representing a journey of discovery, and the findings being some of Earth’s most majestic locations.

Thanda means ‘love’ in the Zulu language and the founders, Christin and Dan Olofsson, transformed their dreams into a reality by creating exclusive spaces where loved ones can come together and share in the success of those dreams coming true.

Thanda Safari

Thanda Safari.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the African wilderness by joining us at Thanda Safari Lodge, Thanda Tented Camp, Villa iZulu, or The Royal Thanda Club by Thanda Safari. Located in the wildlife area of South Africa, Thanda Safari offers the bush holiday of a lifetime. From bush walks, game drives, and spa facilities to conservation safaris and cultural tours, the luxury holiday property offers guests a true piece of Africa and its untouched wilderness.

Reviews from our Thanda Safari guests:

“What an absolute joy! We were treated like royalty from the minute we arrived.”

Thanda Cruise

Thanda Cruise.

Sail across the Mediterranean waters and experience nostalgic luxury on board a 115ft/35m classic cruise yacht. Over the Rainbow of London is designed for gracious living, fine dining, and infinite ocean views off a glorious sun deck. Offering you a diverse itinerary from water sports, diving and fishing to private picnics on a secluded beach, these luxury vacation rentals will leave you speechless and deeply moved.

Reviews from our Thanda Cruise guests:

“This yacht is not just a yacht for me, but a real creation. She’s a real wooden yacht that you’ll never find again, and I want to go and see the stars with her.”

Thanda Island

Thanda Island.

A home away from home located off the coast of Tanzania, this unique and private island is designed for rest and relaxation, with many aquatic activities for those who enjoy being active and outdoors. One villa with five suites is located on an uninhabited, 5-hectare tropical island that sits amidst warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Voted as The World’s Leading Exclusive Private Island numerous times, Thanda Island is one of the most luxurious, unique, and unforgettable escapes where loved ones experience serenity and pure bliss.

Reviews from our Thanda Island guests:

“Not on anyone’s beaten track, Thanda Island is the best-kept secret in the Indian Ocean right now.”

Thanda Properties Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Thanda apart from other luxury holiday destinations?

Not only is Thanda the reality of a family’s dream, but Thanda is also actively involved in conserving the environment and empowering communities through numerous initiatives. We are privileged to be amongst these beautiful properties and therefore it is important to show our gratitude for our experience amidst unspoiled landscapes. The local communities and their involvement in the Thanda experiences enable us to offer and share a rich cultural and African experience with our guests. They are the story behind our story.

What unique cultural experiences can guests expect at Thanda?

Delve into Africa’s heritage. Discover cultural experiences abroad like never before at Thanda. Engage with local communities, witness traditional ceremonies, and delve into Africa’s heritage and customs. Africa’s heritage is a rich tapestry woven from centuries of diverse cultures, traditions, and histories. From the ancient empires of Egypt and Mali to the vibrant traditions of the Masai and Zulu, Africa’s heritage encompasses a multitude of
stories, languages, and art forms.

A few cultural experiences we offer at Thanda’s Luxury Properties:

  • Unveiling Africa’s cultural tapestry reveals a kaleidoscope of traditions, languages, and histories that have evolved over millennia, each thread contributing to the continent’s vibrant mosaic. Among these cultural treasures, the Zulu culture in South Africa and the diverse cultures of Tanzania stand out as emblematic representations of Africa’s profound heritage.
  • The Zulu culture, with its roots in the southern part of the African continent, is a testament to the resilience of a people who have navigated the challenges of history with grace. Known for their rich oral traditions, the Zulus pass down their history through storytelling, music, and dance. The rhythms of Zulu music and the intricate footwork of their traditional dances tell stories of bravery, love, and community bonds. The Zulu’s striking beadwork and vibrant attire also reflect their artistic ingenuity and distinct visual language.
  • Tanzania is a microcosm of Africa’s diversity, boasting over 120 ethnic groups, each with its unique traditions. The Maasai, famous for their vibrant clothing, intricate jewellery, and distinctive way of life, offer a glimpse into the nomadic pastoralist traditions of East Africa. Tanzania is also home to the
    Swahili culture, a fusion of Bantu, Arab, and Indian influences, evident in its language, cuisine, and architecture along the coast.
  • Mafia Island is the closest inhabited island to Thanda Island. We can sail you over to Mafia for a day’s exploration of the Eleventh-Century ruins, visits to the village communities, and traditional boat-building craftsmen who use hand tools and hand-forged nails.

For further information, make your booking at reservations@thanda.co.za

Can guests participate in conservation or community projects during their stay?

Luxury meets conservation. Thanda is passionate about conservation. Our team of trackers, guides, and researchers work tirelessly to ensure that our wildlife is healthy and protected. Guests can work with the conservation team for a day – this can include tracking and monitoring the Big Five, participating in game counts, or translocating animals (seasonal). 

Thanda Safari partners with our neighbouring Zulu communities to achieve a better life for all. Job creation, career advancement, socio-economic upliftment, educational advancement, the preservation of Zulu culture and our wildlife, and working together in the fight against poaching, are all part of Thanda Safari. Guests may even participate in guided eco-tours or educational programs that foster a deeper understanding of the local ecosystem. With every stay at Thanda, guests not only enjoy opulent accommodations but also become integral to the preservation of the natural world, ensuring that future generations can revel in its beauty and biodiversity.

is Thanda suitable for families with children?

Every moment is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Nestled in the heart of breathtaking natural beauty, Thanda properties offer a curated selection of activities designed to delight guests of all ages.

Whether you’re seeking thrilling wildlife encounters on game drives at Thanda Safari, or exploring the surrounding marine reserves of Thanda Island, the tranquility of a spa day, or the chance to bond over cultural experiences, our diverse range of offerings ensures there’s something for everyone. We invite you to explore the boundless wonders of Thanda Properties while forging cherished family connections.

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and adventure as you embark on a journey that promises to make your family holiday truly exceptional.