Private and Luxurious Safaris

Discover the epitome of private safari luxury at Thanda Safari, where expert guides offer unrivalled wildlife encounters. Experience the thrill of Big Five safari experiences.

Thrilling and immersive private safari experiences.


Personifying love, romance and mystique are Thanda Safari’s four magnificently appointed, award-winning accommodation options. There is Thanda Safari Lodge with its nine exquisite bush suites and spa, Villa iZulu, an exclusive five-bedroom home, perfect for individuals, groups and families who need absolute privacy, as well as the Thanda Tented Camp with its fifteen classic safari-style tents for an evocative, traditional safari experience. Our newest offering is The Royal Thanda Club, being exclusive-use four and five-bedroom villas located in the western part of Thanda, with each villa having its own swimming pool and distinctive charm.


Big Five Safari - Encounter Africa's Magnificent Beasts

Embark on a captivating Big 5 safari, a thrilling journey through the African wilderness. Witness lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos, and rhinos in their natural habitat, immersing yourself in the heart of untamed beauty and adventure.

Bush Walks - A Closer Connection to the Wilderness

Our guided bush walks, or walking safaris, are a thrilling adventure led by knowledgeable rangers who deeply understand Zululand’s wilderness. Walking among wild animals is exhilarating, immersing you in the ecosystem’s intricacies and the circle of life’s importance. Guests often leave with newfound awe for nature’s diversity.

Private Game Drives - Tailored Wildlife Adventures

Enjoy tailored private game drives, an immersive safari experience personalized to your interests. Explore the wild beauty of the landscape and encounter majestic wildlife. Delight in meals served amidst the veld, making every moment of your safari an unforgettable adventure.

Conservation Safari - Support Wildlife Preservation Efforts

Landscape rehabilitation, alien vegetation clearing, fencing, water monitoring, managing all the complex dynamics of a Big Five game reserve, including translocating or introducing animals to ensure genetic diversity – this is all part of the daily life of Thanda Safari’s conservation team. In addition, a range of ongoing research projects on the reserve ensuring that Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve contributes to leading-edge conservation strategies and methods.

Wildlife Photography - Capture Nature's Beauty

A celebrated Big Five private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Thanda Safari offers a wildlife photography experience for all levels, led by its highly accomplished resident wildlife photographer and specialist photography guide, Christian Sperka, whose photos have been widely published. Whether you are taking photographs with your smartphone or digital camera, Thanda Safari offers a complimentary photography lesson to teach you about the art of catching the perfect wildlife moment. You’ll learn the rules of wildlife photography and the art of bush photography and motion photography.