Conservation Safari

Immerse yourself in African wildlife preservation and sustainable tourism at Thanda Safari.

Where luxury meets conservation.

Staying in a luxury lodge can provide a unique opportunity to actively contribute to conservation efforts. Many such lodges are committed to sustainable practices, minimizing their environmental footprint. Guests can play their part by respecting conservation guidelines, conserving water and energy, and supporting local communities through responsible tourism. Luxury lodges often engage in wildlife protection and habitat restoration initiatives. Guests may even participate in guided eco-tours or educational programs that foster a deeper understanding of the local ecosystem. By choosing these lodges, guests not only enjoy opulent accommodations but also become integral to the preservation of the natural world, ensuring that future generations can revel in its beauty and biodiversity.

Conservation Safari Experience

Thanda is passionate about conservation. Our team of trackers, guides, and researchers work tirelessly to ensure that our wildlife is healthy and protected. Guests have the opportunity to work with the conservation team for a day – this can include tracking and monitoring the Big Five, participating in game counts or translocating animals (seasonal).

Customised activity | min 2 pax.

Rhino Darting

Guests have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in close contact with a rhino. Witness the darting of this prehistoric animal and assist the wildlife team in notching the sedated rhino for identification and research purposes, before releasing it back into the wild. The price includes the helicopter that is used in locating the rhino, as well as all costs involved in the darting, genetic sampling, and notching.

Half-day customised activity | max 14 pax.

Rhino Tracking

Help to conserve our rhinos! Extraordinary effort is required to protect these magnificent creatures threatened with extinction as a result of poaching by international criminal syndicates. Now you can actively contribute to conserving the rhinos on Thanda Safari by joining our specialist rhino monitors who daily locate and record data on our black and white rhinos.

3 to 4-hour activity | max 4 pax.

Cheetah Tracking

This activity is hosted by a member of the Wildlife Conservation Team and starts just before sunrise. Guests will spend 3 to 4 hours helping the team track and identify the cheetah whilst learning all about their ecology, the threats to the species, behavioural and feeding patterns, and much more.

Customised activity | max 4 pax.

Community Engagement & Sustainable Tourism Practices

Thanda Safari is a five-star Big Five safari experience. But it is also more than this because of Thanda’s commitment to partnering with our neighbouring Zulu communities to achieve a better life for all. Job creation, career advancement, socio-economic upliftment, educational advancement, the preservation of Zulu culture and our wildlife, as well as working together in the fight against poaching, are all part of Thanda Safari.

“Phenomenal luxury, service and location.”