Island massage and day spa.


Wellness and happiness sum up the Thanda Island ethos, and the spa and wellness team goes out of their way to ensure that guests experience a profound sense of well-being and rejuvenation during their stay. Most island getaway spas are shared with other guests, but on Thanda Island, the spa therapists are exclusively dedicated to you and the treatments can be customised to your individual needs. The spa therapists are brought in from nearby Mafia Island or Dar es Salaam during your stay. To utterly pamper your body, they use an exquisite range of non-allergic products by Africology, leaders in holistic beauty care and wellness. This premium spa brand offers natural, organic products that harness the restorative powers of Africa’s rich natural resources, made from only the purest natural ingredients.

What to expect.

Thanda Island’s expert beauty and massage specialists have created a suite of special massages, facials, and body treatments, especially for Thanda Island. Given the absolute privacy you enjoy on the island, your treatments, including an island spa massage, can be done in the luxury island spa, on the beach, in your villa suite, or wherever you choose. The entire island is exclusively yours, and this includes the island spa range of treatments that have been created with every need in mind. Thanda Island guests, men, and women alike, all say the island spa and wellness experience in its exquisite setting is so special and unforgettable that they would return to Thanda Island specifically for this. A full list of treatments is presented to you ahead of your stay, so that the Thanda Island team can customise them, especially for you.

Come relax at our island spa.

On arrival, many of our guests say they find it difficult to relax, but the wonder of Thanda Island is that it does it all for you. You’ll find yourself spontaneously letting go while you restore your vital force in this place of paradise, boosted by the specially formulated treatments offered by the island spa team. The Africology range used on Thanda Island is completely natural, beneficial and non-allergic, with specific products for different skin types. The range includes high-performance masks, gels, serums, balms and regenerative creams, made from the finest natural products renowned for their healing, revitalisation and anti-ageing properties. Yoga, meditation and reiki are part of the wellness offering on the island. Your personal wellness specialist will guide you to experience a profound sense of health and happiness during your stay. It will help you release tension, manage stress, have more fun, and enhance your mental strength, emotional resilience and physical fitness. There is no better place to experience this than on your own private island.