Adventures and Excursions.


When visiting Thanda Island, Tanzania’s exclusive luxury destination, you will be able to experience the mystery of ancient lands were agriculture, fishing, and commerce date back to the Iron Age, with remarkable findings at Juani’s Ukunju Cave. Trade in this area has traditionally been centered on the sea, led by the trade winds. Traditional wooden dhows float between cargo ships in Tanzania’s main city of Dar es Salaam, and the culture and architecture reflect the country’s various African, Arabic, Indian, British, and European influences. Chole’s people have traveled in Arab dhows since the 8th century, and Zanzibar’s ancient spices came from the East.

Explore Chole Island.

One of the most popular island excursions is the Chole Island Tour. We partner with our agents on nearby Chole Island who lead our guests on this community-based and historical journey to the east side of Mafia Island. Weather permitting, the journey from Thanda Island takes about an hour and includes an experience of a traditional Arab dhow: the sea-going vessel used along this coastline for thousands of years.

Explore Dar Es Salaam

Explore Tanzania’s thriving harbour capital of Dar es Salaam, or ‘Dar’ as it is called, with its colourful mix of African, Arabic, Indian, British and German architecture and culture. Experience the fishermen bringing in their daily catch and shop for intriguing African fabrics and artefacts in the markets. For Dar Es Salaam excursions we can even arrange a helicopter for an overnight stay or just a day visit.

Explore the legendary spice island of Zanzibar.

From ancient times, cloves, peppers, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg from India, Indonesia and Malaysia were brought to Zanzibar by wooden dhows sailing the monsoon winds. Spice farming is the mainstay of Zanzibar today. Experience a spice tour and the mystique of the old city of Stone Town. We can arrange a helicopter or fixed-wing charter plane visit or an overnight stay in Zanzibar.

Explore Mafia Island.

Mafia Island is the closest inhabited island to Thanda Island. We can sail you over to Mafia for a day’s exploration of the Eleventh Century ruins, visits to the village communities and traditional boat-building craftsmen who use hand tools and hand-forged nails. Road safaris around Mafia in the island’s legendary Landrover taxis are another option. Visit villages famous for their clay pots, ukili mats and coconut plantations.

Explore Juani Island.

One of the nine islands in the Mafia Island archipelago is Juani Island, with its extraordinary natural, amazonesque channel and blue lagoon on the eastern side of Mafia Island. On board a traditional Arab dhow you experience stunning views of the southern part of the archipelago as you sail up the Juani Island channel with its azure waters, bordered by lush mangrove forests and populated by a fascinating range of bird species. The journey takes you to the blue lagoon, which, with its sandy bottom and shallow waters is the perfect place for a refreshing swim with unimaginable views.