Go Big Game Fishing while visiting Thanda Island

Thanda Team

Thanda Island has one of the few sport fishing boats in the area and offers guests an exclusive blue water fishing experience with legendary big game fishing species.

The big game fishing and deep sea fishing trips are led by the eminently experienced Captain Justin Walters, who was born and bred in Kenya and who has captained island fishing charters for many years. Thanda Island guests are taken out on Real Magic, a 25-foot reef runner catamaran.

October to December is perfect for yellowfin tuna, and sailfish, October to April for dorado, and from the end of December to April is good for blue, black and striped marlin. They are migratory and come here to feed. All year round along the reef are wahoo, barracuda, kingfish and giant trevally.

Guests can also do other types of fishing from the catamaran, such as casting and bottom fishing. All fishing takes place on the reef and beyond the marine protected area, catch-and-release is encouraged by Captain Justin for the marlin, sailfish and giant trevally.

Captain Justin runs all the fishing, watersports and water adventures that Thanda Island offers, including an incredible variety of watersports, including snorkelling, sailing, paddling, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and jet boarding. For guests who enjoy scuba diving at any level, or would like to learn, he arranges this with Mafia Island Diving, the accredited 5-star dive partner on nearby Mafia Island. Thanda Island’s website shares the many inclusive activities and adventures it offers to Thanda Island guests.


Blue water fishing expeditions are one of many water adventures guests can experience on Thanda Island, including snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and a range of the others.

For big game fishing, Thanda Island’s captain and island fishing guide, Justin Walters, leads Thanda Island guests on Real Magic, a 25-foot reef runner catamaran to seek out iconic big game species or to bring home the catch of the day for the chefs to prepare. Captain Justin and his crew are very experienced in all types of fishing and go out of their way to make sure guests have the best possible experience.

Thanda Island caters for guests who are big game fishers who specifically want an island fishing holiday or guests and their children who would like to learn to fish or experience an island fishing charter.

The deep sea fishing waters are between 35 and 60 minutes from Thanda Island. Captain Justin promotes catch-and-release for the marlin species (blue, black and striped), sailfish and giant trevally. They are also sometimes tagged for research purposes.

Thanda Island offers big game fishing throughout the year along the reef for wahoo, barracuda, kingfish and giant trevally, while the deep sea fishing trips are best from December to April; October to December for yellowfin tuna and sailfish, October to April for dorado, and from the end of December to April for blue, black and striped marlin. All year round along the reef are wahoo, barracuda, kingfish and giant trevally.

Size and weight varies between species, with the blue and black marlin ranging between 30 – 500 kilograms depending on their age; sailfish range from 10 – 60kgs, and yellowfin tuna range from 2kgs – 100kgs. For the rest of the species, the average is ±10 kgs.

The table species are delivered straight from the sea to Thanda Island’s chefs who make a variety of delectable fish dishes for the guests straight after their fishing expedition, including seared tuna, tuna sashimi, carpaccio or grilled and barbecued kingfish, barracuda, dorado and wahoo.


Stepping onto your own private island with its 1100-metre beach, guests immediately know they will have the most beautiful, natural, adventurous, luxurious time here. Thanda Island is located on an uninhabited, 8-hectare tropical island in the turquoise waters of a marine protected reserve off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa.

Offering an exclusive, single-key Villa for you, your family and friends to enjoy completely for yourselves, it has five romantic, air-conditioned suites that open directly onto the beach, accommodating ten adults with additional beds available for children. On the island are also two traditional, open-air Tanzanian bandas (beach chalets) for your exclusive use.

This unique luxury getaway has been created for adventure, relaxation and total privacy. It offers spectacular snorkelling, sailing, diving, big game fishing and many other water sports and water adventures.

For a fishing experience, you don’t want to miss, guests go bluewater fishing or big game fishing for legendary game fishing species including blue, black and striped marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, giant trevally, wahoo, barracuda, kingfish and dorado.

There are very few sport fishing boats in the area, offering a truly unique island fishing adventure. The night before the deep sea fishing trip on Real Magic, a 25-foot reef runner catamaran, the highly experienced Captain Justin Walters, checks the weather for the following day. The boat is fully equipped for fishing but guests are welcome to bring their own.

The chefs prepare a packed lunch and drinks before the guests head out in the morning. Real Magic can accommodate four guests and the crew, and guests can fish all day or for opt for a shorter trip. The whole island experience is tailored to meet the guests’ specific needs and preferences.

Thanda Island hosts guests from all over the world, and they are fascinated by all the sea life surrounding Thanda Island, including all the different species of fish, whale sharks, whales, dolphins and marine turtles.